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Negotiation & Strategy.

Media placement.

It’s common to think that advertising in all forms will be good for your business, but it just isn’t true. In fact, Ford famously tested one of their ads in Reader’s Digest by only placing it in half the magazines. At the end of the year, the people who hadn’t seen the advertisement ended up buying more Fords than the people who had.

If you’re speaking to a radio salesperson who wants to sell you ad space and you ask him if a radio spot is good for your business, what will he tell you? “Of course,” he’ll say with a grin as you hand him a check. He’s not looking out for your company’s benefit, he’s looking for a commission.

The fact is, not all forms of media are right for all businesses. At AD2, we analyze your business and its target demographic, then choose the most effective advertising medium to use. Our established relationships with radio stations, TV stations, and various advertising venues allow us to negotiate fair prices for our clients and ensure that when appropriate, your message is delivered to a wide audience, under budget.

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