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The most versatile appointment system

Simple And Easy Appointments With RDV7

Easy online booking for you and your customers


Your Customer Chooses a Date and Time

It’s as simple as 1-2-3. First, the system will automatically validate if a time slot is available, based on the time needed to perform the services chosen by your client in the first step of the process.

Select One or More Services

Your customer will be invited to start the process by choosing one or more of the services you offer. You will then be able to offer additional services to complement the customer’s initial choice.

Select a Service Provider

If you have the basics or business plan, your client will be asked to select a service provider. This could be anything from a hairdresser to a fitness instructor to a medical professional, depending on your industry. The system may also assign a service provider.


Appointment Confirmation

Your client will receive a confirmation via email or SMS* and the reservation will be placed in the system. Customers can also synchronize their reservation with Google Calendar via our powerful API.

*Fees applicable.

Control Your Reservations And Manage Your Customer Information


Our simple and elegant administration panel will simplify the management of your appointments. You’ll be able to control everything from the services you offer to staff availability, hours of operation, vacations and more!

You’ll also be able to record client information to create a seamless experience, visit after visit, with our integrated client management system.


Perfect for any industry where appointments are made

Simplify your reservations and limit no-shows with our online reservation software.

Our custom integrations leverage our powerful API to connect to your existing clinic management software.

Whether you are a solo practitioner renting a chair or a multi-lounge, we have a plan for you!

Each industry offering appointments will benefit from the RDV7! booking software.

Simple & transparent prices



Provincial governments are phasing in the reopening of retail stores under certain conditions starting May 4, 2020.
After surveying our current customers, we believe that most will prefer curbside pickup to minimize any potential risk of transmission of the virus.

Stores such as Bestbuy have been able to maintain over 70% of their sales volume with this type of service, which is a great success compared to retailers who do not offer it. To help you quickly set up an order pickup reservation system, we now offer our appointment system at a flat rate of $25/month per business, with a one-time setup fee of $149.

Order pickup gives your establishment a sense of openness without compromising the health of your customers and employees.
RDV7 is a turnkey appointment system integration that will make your online pickups easier.

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