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Get noticed.

Identity & Branding.

Every single advertisement your business runs should be another drop in the bucket to fulfilling its brand image. Is your company smart and chic? Or hardened and wise? Every single ad you place should contribute to the same image, feeling, and tone you want to convey over the course of your business’s lifetime.

Why is branding so important? Because emotions drive the human buying process. No one makes a purchase on logic alone. After they weight the logic about the product, they search how they feel it. If they like the product, and the company behind it, they make the purchase

When it comes to branding, we dissect your business, getting to the core of what makes it tick. We narrow it down to key premises and then build a positioning campaign around it. When we provide content and advertisements, we build toward this brand image, post by post, ad by ad, email by email, until your brand is no longer associated with the feeling. The feeling is associated with your brand.

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Our director of business development.

“Whether it’s for general information, advice or to talk about your project – do not hesitate to contact me!”

Audrey Gagnon

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